Marc Cain, Bodelshausen, Germania


Marc Cain GmbH, Bodelshausen, Germany


Clothing industry

Lighting solution:

LED Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO

Marc Cain
Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO
Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO
Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO
Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO

The fashion company Marc Cain was founded by Marc Cain Managing Director Helmut Schlotterer in 1973. Its globe-spanning business operations are managed from its headquarters in Bodelshausen. Today, nearly 40 years later, the company employs 800 people in Germany alone. Its sales volume, which increased in the last 10 years to 210 million euros, has more than tripled. During 2009 and 2010, 36 million euros were invested in the new production and administration building with modern furnishings and machines – a clear commitment to Germany as a business location.

While the new workplaces were being set up and equipped, a search was made for a new lighting solution for the inspection benches in particular. Here, the quality of sewing runs is checked, and the knitted fabrics are examined and reworked if necessary. Reworking means gathering up faulty stitches by hand and integrating them back into the fabric. This work is especially hard on the eyes.

Marc Cain has been using Waldmann lamps in different areas of production, e.g. at the sewing tables, already for quite some time. After production workers tested different lamps, a decision was made in favor of the LED magnifying luminaire TEVISIO. This unit has a very large magnifying glass with a 153 mm field of view, which allows both eyes to see through the lens without distortion. The implemented LEDs are characterized by a high color rendering index of 90, which offers the best prerequisites for recognizing colors and color differences. In addition, the employed reflector technology ensures excellent light distribution that yields uniform light with smooth transitions and no annoying shadows. The light can be dimmed to 10 percent of the maximum intensity of 6,000 lux. Another very useful feature is that the four light segments making up the lamp can be switched on or off separately. This can generate structure emphasizing effects that allow irregularities in the fabric to be seen more easily. The new lighting solution thus supports the demanding visual tasks in many ways and counteracts eye fatigue.