ERBER Group, Getzersdorf, Autriche






Architekt Podsedensek ZT, Wien

Lighting solution:

Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO VTL

Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO VTL - In the morning
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO VTL - In the middle of the day
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO VTL - In the evening

Based in Lower Austria, the ERBER Group has become a global leader in the biotechnology industry in the past few years. With offices in Singapore, the USA and over 1,600 employees worldwide, the ERBER Group is setting new standards in the field of food and feed safety as well as plant protection. The new company headquarters in Getzersdorf impressively demonstrates that the Group cares deeply not only about animals and the environment but also about the well-being of its employees. The new building, which has been planned and built according to the geomantic and Feng Shui principles, is the first platinum LEED-certified building in Austria. This certification is awarded only to those buildings, which are perfect examples of "Green Building" because of their ultra ecological and sustainable construction. The 11,000 square metres of office space have been designed for a staff of up to 400 and according to the CEO Christian Seiwald it also signifies special regard for the employees. "We have a terrific team and we wish to offer the best possible working conditions for maximum motivation", explains the chairman.

And the working conditions are very impressive: LAVIGO VTL luminaires from Waldmann have been installed to ensure that there is no lack of natural light for the staff in interior spaces. The VTL light management system developed by the "Engineers of Light" brings the dynamic of the natural daylight and its positive effect directly to your office workstation. For this purpose, the light colour and intensity of the light generated indirectly by the luminaire vary between 6,500 Kelvin of light, similar to natural daylight, in the morning to awaken the body and all the senses and warm white light of 3000 Kelvin for a cosy atmosphere in the evening. This process comes closest to the natural light and positively influences the hormone production and biological rhythm of the staff. For optimum visual comfort, the ratio of direct, neutral work light with a constant 4000 K colour temperature can be set individually. To ensure that not only the staff in Austria gets to enjoy biodynamic lighting and to set a common standard worldwide, the ERBER Group is planning to install LAVIGO VTL luminaires at all company locations.