KOBIT, spol. s r.o., Jičín, Czech Republic

High Bay Luminaire ACANEO
High Bay Luminaire ACANEO
Suspended Luminaire LAVIGO
Recessed Luminaire DOTOO.fit

Since 1992 Kobit has been developing and manufacturing machines for summer and winter maintenance and repair of roads, including special equipment and fire equipment. Their work helps to improve standard of living not only in the cities and towns but also out of them.

The company now operates throughout Europe. From the around 400 employees, 100 are employed in Jičín. KOBIT has branches in Slovakia, Hungary and Russia.

For the KOBIT management, it was very important to use a space-oriented lighting in the office area and production to have optimum light at the workstations and consequently, to increase the employee productivity.

Lorries are displayed for potential customers in garages, which serve as showrooms. To have optimum light in a high-ceiling room, the high bay luminaire ACANEO is used. In addition, the high bay luminaire is extremely bright and efficient. Due to a specially developed lens, ACANEO is almost glare-free despite an enormous light output.

For offices, KOBIT selected the suspended luminaires DOTOO.fit and DOTOO.spot. A striking feature of the DOTOO. fit is especially its flat design. It provides uniform and homogeneous direct light by using edgelight and lightguide technology. Together with other luminaires, the DOTOO.spot complement the room depths and is also suitable as an emergency light. LAVIGO, the suspended luminaire, is the third Waldmann product that has been mounted in the offices. LAVIGO offers direct light using light forming technology for a homogeneous distribution of light.

Lighting solution: