medwork GmbH, Höchstadt / Aisch, Duitsland


medwork GmbH


Medical technology

Lighting solution:

Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO LED, Continuous-Row System TAUREO, Workplace-System Luminaire TAMETO, Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO

medwork GmbH, Höchstadt / Aisch, Germany
 	Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO LED
 	Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO LED
Workplace-System Luminaire TAMETO and Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO
Workplace-System Luminaire TAMETO and Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO
Continuous-Row System TAUREO

medwork GmbH is a rapidly expanding company in the field of medical technology. The medium-sized company specialises in the production and distribution of endoscopic accessories and has over 100 employees. At medwork, everything revolves around products that facilitate endoscopy in the day-to-day workflow of medical practices or hospitals. Founded in 1998 by CEO Gerald Fischer, medwork has its headquarters in Höchstadt /Aisch in Middle Franconia. medwork relies on considerably stricter criteria than what is prescribed by "Made in Germany". Therefore, to meet the requirements, the medical products are not only tested and packaged in Germany, but are also actually manufactured in factory. medwork combines classical craft with highly innovative high tech. medwork calls this "German made".

In his selection of luminaires, medwork has chosen Waldmann. An important factor has been the variety of Waldmann luminaires used in a wide range of areas.

The free-standing luminaire ATARO LED is used in offices. This lighting solution is especially effective because it can illuminate double workstations and, as a result, requires considerably fewer luminaires.

By contrast, in production spaces of medwork, several Waldmann luminaires are used. The management attaches great importance to energy efficiency in every respect. Waldmann luminaires in the form of the workplace system luminaire TAMETO, the continuous-row system TAUREO and the task luminaire TANEO fully met the high expectations. The TAMETO LED luminaire is impressive because of its long service life of over 50,000 hours. By contrast, the continuous-row system TAUREO is particularly flexible. It can be adapted without great expenditure to suit new lighting requirements. By contrast, the task luminaire TANEO has a vast radius of action due to of its uniquely mobile and balanced arm.