Bayer Consumer Care AG, Basel, Switzerland

Bayer Consumer Care AG
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Suspended Luminaire VIVAA
Suspended Luminaire LAVIGO
Suspended Luminaire IDOO.line
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Bayer Consumer Care AG, Basle is one of Bayer's international locations. Bayer is a globally active corporation with core competencies in the life science sectors of health and agriculture. With its products and services, the company wishes to help mankind, and to improve quality of life.

In the office buildings in Basle, Bayer AG entrusts Waldmann with its selection of luminaires. As a result, several luminaires will be entering service with immediate effect in the new office premises of Bayer. LAVIGO VTL luminaires from Waldmann have been installed to ensure that there is no lack of natural light for the staff in the interior.

The VTL light management system developed by the "Engineers of Light" brings the dynamic of the natural daylight and its positive effect directly to your office workstation.
The VIVAA suspended luminaire knows how to carry conviction with its optimum light conditions. It blends harmoniously into each ambience. Its seamless design in stainless steel bathes rooms in a pleasant, bright light.
The IDOO.line suspended luminaire is also in use at Bayer. The low levels of glare score highly here.

Lighting solution: