Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Biodynamic lighting solutions from Waldmann

Light can do more than just facilitate vision: it affects humans; it synchronises their internal clocks. It gets activated in the morning and brings about relaxation in the night.

Especially during the dark winter months and when people spend a great deal of time indoors, this significant effect of light only has a limited impact.

Artificial lighting, which like the natural light alters brightness and light colour during the course of the day, gives back to the modern human this positive natural lighting experience. In this manner, the biodynamic light, also known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL), enhances well being, promotes health and performance and increases concentration.

Biodynamic Light in Health & Care

For over 10 years, Waldmann has been studying the biological effects of light on humans. Since then, the light management system VISUAL TIMING LIGHT has been successfully implemented in the care sector. The circadian lighting stabilises the day and night rhythm of the residents in care homes. Even in hospitals, it promotes well being and supports the healing process.


Biodynamic Light in the Office

Since 2014, Waldmann has also been promoting the use of biodynamic light in the office. Special feature: The light management system VTL is self-sufficient, the positive effect of the Human Centric Lighting can thus be experienced indoors without any connection to the building management.