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The TALK MODULE Bluetooth G1 is a retrofittable radio module. In combination with the Waldmann luminaire control system, it reacts to presence and absence, allows luminaires to communicate wirelessly with each other in groups (swarm control) and thus always creates a pleasant lighting scenario without islands of light in the architectural luminaires. Parameter settings can be conveniently made via the LIGHT ADMIN app.

Special features

  • Retrofittable

  • Swarm control

  • Approval for EU countries and Switzerland

  • Power supply via luminaire control

  • Teach-in button

  • Radio module for wireless operation with transmitters and exchange of switching states with external receivers or gateways

  • Compatible with communication interface Waldmann control device LAVIGO

talk modul bluetooth

Configure and control luminaire

Our Waldmann apps make the architectural luminaires a little bit smarter. For the facility manager, who can configure and parameterise all luminaires in the building clearly and quickly, or for the users, who can adjust their luminaire individually according to their own preferences.

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  • Personal light setting - quick and easy

  • Connection to luminaire via QR code

» Learn more about the LIGHT USER app

mockup lightadmin 1920x850


  • Simple parameterisation of luminaires

  • Digital image of your lighting system

  • Digital image of building structures

» Learn more about the LIGHT ADMIN app

Model Bestelnr.
TMENO 868 MHz/EnOcean/G1 209781019-00546319