Lighting for care, clinic and healthcare workplaces

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Lighting for care and hospital

Lighting for residents' rooms, patients' rooms, recreation and common rooms, corridor, staircase, sanitary rooms.

Zonen 1920x850 V2 0001 CM-1516-176
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Zonen 1920x850 V2 0000 CM-1516-284
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Lighting has a great influence on room design and our well-being. Lighting that meets needs can support the recovery process in clinics and rehabilitation centres or provide orientation and safety in retirement homes, thus helping to prevent falls. Artificial lighting with daylight tracking in particular has a positive influence on the body.

Optimal room illumination creates conditions similar to daylight. Especially in corridors and stairwell areas of care facilities, fall prevention is a top priority. To enable residents to move as freely as possible, a homogeneous, glare-free lighting concept balances out the changing light conditions and conveys a sense of security and safety.

The resident's or patient's room offers an individual retreat; on the other hand, medical care and nursing take place here. These different tasks should be supported by an equally versatile lighting concept. Wall or ceiling lighting with direct and indirect light components as well as a reading light are part of the basic equipment.

Even a windowless sanitary area can get the day off to a sunny start thanks to professional lighting. A homogeneous, low-shadow wall-mounted luminaire creates a pleasant room atmosphere and assists with personal hygiene. In wet areas, the risk of falling is increased by dampness on the floor. Sufficiently bright and shadow-free illumination ensures a much better perception of the room and more safety.

Good lighting also facilitates the work of the nursing staff.

Lighting for workplaces in the healthcare sector

Light for dental technicians, acousticians, opticians, podiatrists and beauticians.

Karussell 1920x850 0001 dental taneo gest seitlich model 20
Karussell 1920x850 0000 isisLED behandlung3 cmyk
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Good light that corresponds to the visual task and can be adapted to individual needs makes work easier. Our magnifier luminaire and arm-mounted luminaire are ideal for the needs of cosmetics, gel care and podiatry.

Dental technicians, opticians and acousticians also benefit from the advantages of our high-quality and energy-efficient lighting in their daily work. And they last a working lifetime.

Our arm-mounted luminaire is characterised by the greatest possible customisability and thus optimal adaptation to the requirements of the visual task and individual preferences. As Engineers of Light, the ergonomics of our lighting solutions is also particularly important to us as a component of product quality. This is evident, for example, in the form of flexibly adjustable light rods, continuously dimmable illuminance levels, a choice of different light colours and high colour rendition values.

Our workplace luminaires for the healthcare sector are excellent for back-friendly working and emission-tested. For all-round healthy working.

Medical lighting for practice, clinic and laboratory

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Lighting for the medical workplace in practices, clinics and laboratories, in human, dental and veterinary medicine as well as dermatology and gynaecology.

A well thought-out lighting concept should include not only general lighting but also the working area at the patient or in the laboratory. Poor lighting conditions strain the eyes in the long run and thus make everyday medical work more difficult. This can be counteracted very well with the right lighting: A homogeneous, glare-free light field noticeably relieves strain on the eyes and promotes performance during treatment, examination or laboratory work.

Not all light is the same: the illuminance, light colour and colour rendition of our medical luminaires are optimally matched to the versatile daily routine in clinics and practices and facilitate diagnosis and treatment. Specially developed optics ensure a homogeneously illuminated working area. The illuminance can be dimmed depending on the model. Our magnifying lamps with integrated Wood light are a great help in dermatological examinations.