Lighting at the assembly workplace

With the right light at assembly workplaces, every handhold is correct, health is promoted, productivity is increased and error rates are reduced. Depending on the activity or the person, the lighting needs are very different. Every person has different lighting needs. With increasing age, the need for light increases and the sensitivity to glare is heightened. The light colour must be selected depending on the visual task and the materials.

Workplace-related luminaires from Waldmann for the assembly workplace are needs-based and individually adjustable so that in every situation, for every activity and for every employee, the industrial workplace is properly well illuminated.

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Advantages of Waldmann luminaires for assembly workstations

  • Individually adjustable: luminous intensity, light colour, positioning

  • Very high colour rendering

  • Very good glare control

  • Durable and energy-efficient

  • Casambi for smart lighting management via app

  • Without emitting harmful substances » learn more