Lighting at the electronics workstation

In addition to optimal visibility, the manufacture of electronic devices requires a working environment that does not jeopardise the reliability of the products produced. Because work is carried out on electrostatically sensitive components and devices in electronics production, electrostatic discharges must be prevented at all costs. Otherwise, they can be damaged or even destroyed.

For this reason, Waldmann luminaires have dissipative properties. To prevent electrostatic discharge, we have developed special luminaires for ESD protection zones. This protects the sensitive components from discharges and at the same time creates optimal visual conditions for ergonomic and productive work.

Beleuchtung für Elektronikarbeitsplätze

Advantages of Waldmann luminaires for electronics production

  • Dissipative properties

  • High colour rendering

  • Very good glare control

  • Ergonomic adjustment of arm position

  • Continuously dimmable

  • Durable and energy efficient

ESD Certificates

Our lighting solutions for ESD protection zones have been certified by an independent institute.