Lighting at the watchmaker's workplace

Watchmakers expect the same from workplace lighting as they do from their products: maximum precision and perfection. The delicate work at the watchmaker's workplace requires particularly good lighting. Because it is the prerequisite for good vision and thus a decisive influencing factor to enable the quality of the craft.

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But lighting also plays an important role from an ergonomic point of view. Good lighting prevents headaches and eye pain, for example. At watchmakers' workplaces, high illuminance levels of at least 1500 lux are required. Good glare control is also necessary to avoid annoying reflections on shiny surfaces. The lighting should also facilitate contrast vision. True-colour vision is essential, so high colour rendering values of Ra >90 and more are absolutely essential. For this reason, we offer optimally glare-reduced, high-quality lamps with application-appropriate light output, high colour rendering values and various colour temperatures.

Advantages of Waldmann luminaire at the watchmaker's workplace

  • High illuminance

  • True colour vision thanks to very high colour rendering value or full spectrum LEDs

  • Very good glare control

  • Different light colours can be selected

  • Ergonomic position adjustment

  • Continuously dimmable

  • Durable and energy efficient