Lighting at the goldsmith's workplace

The delicate work of a goldsmith with precious metals requires patience and the highest precision. Alloying, melting, casting, rolling, forging or engraving - luminaires in the goldsmith's workshop not only have to ensure that the smallest details are visible, they also have to withstand a lot.

It's good if the lighting here provides optimum support for the visual task. Our high-quality LED luminaires for goldsmiths and jewellers are optimally glare-free, with application-appropriate light output, high colour rendering value and various colour temperatures.

goldschmied 1

Advantages of Waldmann luminaires for jewellers and goldsmiths

  • true-colour vision thanks to very high colour rendition value or full spectrum LEDs

  • no reflections on shiny surfaces thanks to high-quality glare control

  • Easier contrast vision

  • optimal working with different precious metals (gold processing under warm white light, silver under cool white light) thanks to the possibility of selecting the light colour by click

  • ergonomic positioning of the luminaire

  • Individual adjustment of light intensity

  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient