Lighting at the laboratory and dental workplace

Activities in the laboratory place high demands on the quality of lighting. This applies to the nature of the luminaire as well as to the quality of light.

A very high colour rendering Ra >90 is crucial to be able to make colour comparisons correctly. To avoid deviations, the same colour rendering is required across all workstations. In addition, good glare control is required to avoid reflections on shiny surfaces. We have developed various suitable LED lighting solutions for these special lighting requirements in the laboratory. With high illuminance levels that optimally support the demanding visual tasks of laboratory technicians - so that the results in the laboratory can be seen without restrictions.

Beleuchtung am Laborarbeitsplatz

Advantages of Waldmann luminaires for the laboratory workplace:

  • Very high colour rendering

  • Very good glare control

  • Various light colours can be selected

  • Ergonomic adjustment of luminaire position

  • Continuously dimmable

  • Durable and energy efficient