Radio module for communication of luminaires between each other to avoid islands of light in offices, for wireless operation of luminaires with Bluetooth transmitters, 2-way Bluetooth radio communication at 2.4 GHz, 3 operating modes for swarm control, mode 1 manual configuration using simple area and group selection by means of rotary encoder switches, or mode 2, completely automatic and standalone swarm configuration through variable wireless range, no visual contact required, or mode 3 via app for setting of areas and groups, automatic teach-in of area and group participants completed within no more than 15 minutes, for mode 1, 100 areas can be set, 16 groups can be set, possible to belong to 2 groups, up to 30 participants per group, for installation in Waldmann free-standing luminaires, desk-mounted luminaires and suspended luminaires with POWER luminaire control, can be retrofitted for an open, communicative system, API interface, connection to luminaire control via a plug-in cable connection, IP20 housing, power supplied by luminaire control, with communication and control via app, setting up of password protection against unauthorised access and management of the luminaires with TALK modules in a building structure via the app, made by Waldmann, type TALK module