Wireless module that enables luminaires to communicate among each other for the purpose of avoiding “light islands” in an office, for wireless operation of luminaires based on EnOcean Technology, for the exchange of switching status with external EnOcean Receivers or Gateways, bi-directional EnOcean wireless communication 868 MHz, easy setting of areas and groups via micro rotary switch, automatic teach in processing of the different area and group participants within 15 minutes, assignable to one of 100 areas and one or two of 16 possible groups, affiliation to two groups is possible, up to 30 participants per group, repeater function and further functions can be activated via DIP-Switch, wireless module for installation fitted in Waldmann free-standing luminaires, desk-mounted luminaires and suspended luminaires with LUM CONNECT light management system, retrofit for an open, communicating system, connection to the management system via micro-cable, IP20 housing, power supply via control unit, optional communication and control via app for area and group adjustment, installation of password protection against unauthorised access and management of the luminaires with TALK EnOcean modules in a building structure via the app, Brand: Waldmann, Type: TALK EnOcean Module