Smart Office Solution

Organizing office space and designing it to meet demand

Waldmann Smart Office web

The new "normal" in the working world demands strong solutions. With the scalable Smart Office solution from luminaire manufacturer Waldmann, the new requirements of hybrid office worlds can be designed clearly and conveniently.

The new workday has become established in many companies: Employees frequently switch between home office and the workplace in the company. However, hybrid working presents companies with completely new challenges. Do I still need all the office space? How can I or-ganize them sensibly? Under what conditions do my employees like to come back to the com-pany? Waldmann offers a solution for these challenges.

Luminaires as a digital interface

Christoph Waldmann, managing director in the fourth generation of the family, had a vision of optimized, digitized workplaces in which luminaires could do more than just provide optimal light. In 2019, he decided to drive the digitalization of the Waldmann product world forward in rapid steps by founding the software start-up LIZ in Berlin. The Waldmann Smart Office solution was born. Using multi-sensor technology, it enables the control of various well-being parame-ters as well as the booking of workstations, rooms and zones. Light is everywhere in the work-ing world. The Waldmann solution makes use of this distribution via LTX and establishes it as an interface to users in the digital building. LTX communicates via standardized interfaces with devices, services or building management systems. In this way, sensor data can be used for precise control of the building management system.

Smart control of temperature, air quality and occupancy

The combination of premium software and trustworthy smart hardware of the Waldmann solu-tion offers companies long-term benefits: Book workstations and rooms, analyze space as well as manage it efficiently while optimizing room comfort in terms of temperature, volume, air qual-ity and, of course, light. A major advantage of the solution is its flexibility: customers can start with just one part, such as the booking software, and expand it as needed. In addition, the sys-tem can be updated with new functions and is therefore future-proof.