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The light of optimum production

Machine luminaire ACURIA appeals for its shape, lighting technology and durability.


In the new ACURIA machine luminaire, Waldmann combines innovative technology and functional design language with the highest quality thanks to decades of experience in the lighting of machines and systems. The result: a particularly durable luminaire that reduces downtimes and replacement times to a minimum and allows safe and precise working on a machine at all times.

Durable under the toughest conditions

For ACURIA, the Engineers of Light from the Black Forest use only materials that are resistant to coolants and lubricants to prevent signs of degradation on the luminaire. The use of highly resistant materials makes ACURIA a robust companion that also resists chip bombardment. The machine luminaire is also constructed to be resistant to jarring and vibration. ACURIA is milled from a solid billet with hardly any seals, which can be susceptible to penetration by dust and liquids. The rated degree of protection is IP67. A product that is developed for durability means consistent quality, fewer downtimes and minimised replacement rates.

Greatest clarity under any conditions

ACURIA is currently the flattest surface-mounted luminaire on the market. The fitted version allows seamless integration with almost flush installation. The surface-mounted version also prevents the accumulation of chips. The flat design promises problem-free integration even in the tightest spatial conditions. And where chips hardly accumulate, if at all, there are always unrestricted lighting and visibility conditions.
Because ACURIA is available in such a wide range of sizes, the right choice is available for any machine. Regardless of the space or lighting requirements.

Safe and easy installation

Thanks to the easy and yet extremely safe snap-in mechanism, ACURIA can be attached to or in the machine wall quickly and without tools.
The innovative rotating M12 connector ensures maximum flexibility, from planning to installation, and the optimum cable run. This means the cables of surface-mounted luminaires are better protected against damage from chips. When installing the ACURIA, the cable is prevented from bending so there is no risk of breakage. The rotating connector also reduces the range of variants and makes it easier for the designer to make the right choice.

Inspiring and digital lighting technology

ACURIA is particularly powerful. Much smaller or fewer luminaires can be used to produce the same level of light output.
Automatic temperature-dependent luminous flux regulation effectively protects ACURIA against overheating under heavy loads. This increases the useful life of the light and thus of the luminaire. The machine light can also be controlled digitally and standardized. This offers the maximum ease of use and simple, needs-based adaptation to the particular visual task. So the customer not only optimises the ergonomics and energy efficiency on the machine, but also saves money.