Company Policy

Our company is oriented towards customer needs and the rules of free market economy. We focus our objectives on a constant increase of efficiency while including economic and ecological principles in order to secure our location as well as jobs. Our goal has always been to earn a profit in order to finance investments for the future from our own capital.

Partner-like relationship with our customers

Our worldwide activities are directed towards the market. We want to have a partner-like relationship with our customers, using optimum and innovative technologies at economical prices and offering flexible service

Integration of our employees

The high demand on our products requires qualified and motivated management executives and employees who are prepared to secure the high company standard and to continuously improve it. First priority is team work and the health of our employees. Our goal is to encourage healthy employees in a healthy organisation with the aid of an internal health management. It is especially the older employees who are appreciated and respected. Their wealth of experience and their technical expertise are an important part of the company.

The management is committed to comprehensive and future-oriented goals involving all employees. With our open information policy and the provision of suitable indicators, we pave the way and rely on the high commitment of all company employees.

Continuous improvement

The process of holistic and continuous improvement is at the centre of our actions. Improvement measures are defined in a targeted and regular manner. Every employee contributes to the continuous improvement process in their daily work.

Just in Time

The just-in-time production system with its one-piece-flow production concept creates the basis for economical production with demand-oriented storage and high flexibility for our customers.

The individual processes are tuned to one another in terms of their work content. Everybody must work in such a way as to ensure that the internal customer pacing is achieved and maintained. This requires error-free delivery to the subsequent workstation. This is the only way to avoid waste, thus reducing throughput times.
The zero-error principle must enter every employee's mind. Our guiding principle is: we avoid errors, do not pass on errors and do not accept errors.

The pull principle is one of the guiding principles of our company. Based on trustful cooperation, every employee gets hold of materials, information and support necessary for completing his work order as required. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary waiting times, overproductions and false information.

Component supplier as partner

By selecting suitable component suppliers and service providers, the management system ensures that the principles of the company policy and the procurement quality are optimally implemented. The component supplier is regarded as a partner.

Legal obligations

With regards to medical devices, we fulfil the role of the EU authorized representative and importer. We are responsible for the post-market obligations for the medical devices that we have placed on the market as manufacturer. The applicable national and international regulations and known empirical values are taken into account.

Moreover, we ensure compliance with all company-relevant legal obligations, placing great importance on occupational health and safety and environmental protection.


To meet our and our customers' quality requirements, we fulfill all requirements necessary for maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Environment and Energy

We are committed to environmental guidelines that serve not only to secure our company's future but also to protect nature and it`s resources. The emphasis is on continuously improving our environmentally compatible actions, energy efficiency as well as avoiding environmental impacts and waste of resources. The requirements of an intact environment are taken into account in all processes from development to production and dispatch of the product. The production and marketing of "efficient-light" products achieve energy savings beyond the company limits. Topics such as energy, water, waste and use of resources are an integral part of our energetic and environment related assessment of the individual processes. As a result, strategic and operational objectives are defined by company management in cooperation with the relevant departments, and their observance is verified. Required recources and information is provided, highly efficient technologies are used under consideration of the profitability. We strictly observe the current legal obligations and requirements. We regard environmental protection as a holistic obligation, which is why we involve our customers, suppliers and employees and inform them of our company policy.

Christoph Waldmann
Chief Executive Officer

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