September 1, 2021
The new energy label

From the 1st September 2021, there is a new energy label for the lighting sector.
A standard scale, from A to G, has now been applied to energy efficiency classes.
In future, these labels will only be issued for light sources (e.g. LED modules), and no longer for luminaires. From now on, luminaires will only be designated with a label if the light source they contain cannot be removed, without damage, for test purposes by the market monitoring authority.
This means that our luminaires will no longer have energy labels. You will find information about the light sources our luminaires contain in the operating instructions for those luminaires.
The old labels can remain on products that have already been packaged which means that, for a transitional period, there will be old as well as new labels on the market.
Please visit the offiicial EU website for further information on energy consumption labelling from the 1st September 2021.