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Networked office lighting

LTX by Waldmann optimises facility management


Digitalisation is one of the new keys to success in competitiveness and employer attractiveness. Implementation is expensive, with new-builds or conversions - or achieved in moments with LTX. Waldmann's sensor-controlled technology helps to optimise facility management, climate and noise level in the office. One of the main benefits of which is boosting staff motivation, creativity and performance.

Facility management in the office

Digitalisation doesn't just influence the way we live; it also affects how we work. Because everyone is networked to everyone else, fixed office workplaces are a thing of the past. This results in office space that can be used flexibly - and therefore economically. Waldmann's LTX system is the core technology behind a shared-desk concept that can be integrated in workplaces with or without cloud. The LTX sensor module is celebrating its premiere in floor lamps since they have the greatest flexibility for positioning them at workplaces. Other solutions will follow for other office zones such as meeting rooms and phone booths. LTX uses icons on the lamp to record and visualise occupancy, noise, air quality and temperature. It can also display other individually determined sizes such as waiting times in the canteen.

Optimised working conditions

Thanks to LTX, the person working at the desk will receive actively supporting feedback indicating whether their working environment really is the best it can be. This is particularly useful for improving the quality of stay in condensed and dynamic office areas. Structural measures can be adopted in any areas that are regularly too noisy. LTX data provides the best framework for thoroughly understanding how the office space is being used and where adjustments are necessary and sensible.

Data preparation using smart software

The recorded data is evaluated in the cloud by LTX Admin. The user data of the workplaces is also clearly displayed here. Facility managers can be actively informed if any threshold limits are not met or exceeded. So all the relevant information for optimising the office use is passed on in real time. Staff use the LTX Finder app to quickly find and reserve a desk in a shared-desk office. Facility management can keep an eye on occupancy levels and intervene if and when necessary. This increases work station ocupancy rates and uses existing areas more efficiently. LTX Admin and LTX Finder are products of LIZ Smart Office GmbH, the newly-established Waldmann start-up in Berlin.