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Safe return to the office

How a luminaire can help companies in times of Covid-19


Many things are still far from certain, but one thing is not: Covid-19 is going to be keeping us occupied for some time to come. So how can we shape our working day to be safe – even when we are not working from home? Waldmann and the start-up LIZ, which belongs to the same group of companies, have developed a solution: the YARA luminaire with LTX sensor control and LTX software offers a range of helpful options.

Control numbers of staff

YARA luminaires with LTX sensor control enable senior staff to determine how many members of staff are to have access to an office, a floor, or an individually defined area. Setting limits allows staff to observe social distancing. To achieve this, all staff use the LTX Finder booking software to book a workplace. Senior staff determine how many workplaces may be occupied in a particular area. Only staff who have booked an available place can come to the office. Reception use LTX Admin to check bookings. Having fewer members of staff in the same area also automatically reduces the viral load.

Checking the air quality

The luminaire with LTX uses a special sensor to measure the air quality. It recognizes volatile organic compounds in the air and checks the air quality. The values are displayed in LT Admin, limits can be set and an alert sent when they are exceeded. The Staff Response System uses icons to tell staff on the luminaire when it is time to air the room. Fresh air is the easiest way to reduce a possible viral load.

Assigning staff to groups

Customer request: only giving the same groups of staff access to the office prevents the risk of groups infecting each other. Should one member of staff in a group fall ill, then only that group needs to be quarantined. Different working groups can be defined using LTX Admin and assigned specific working days. LTX Finder will only allow bookings on the days assigned to staff in a particular group.

And so LTX plays its part in making daily life in the office happen again.