Chronoswiss AG, Lucerne, Switzerland


A combination of tradition and modernity

Modern watches are created in traditional craftsmanship under the best lighting conditions.

On an almost 100-year-old machine, geometric patterns are created under the steady hand of the guillocheur. They make each dial unique. It is one of many steps in which watches are created with precision and passion in the Lucerne atelier of Chronoswiss. The various filigree steps in manual work are accompanied by optimal lighting conditions provided by Waldmann luminaires.

Maik Panziera guilloches the dials at Chronoswiss by hand. This craft, in which a fine geometric pattern is milled onto the dial of a watch, is a rare skill that is now mastered by only a few. Thanks to his craftsmanship in guilloching and enamelling, the designer creates the distinctive design of Chronoswiss timepieces. The right lighting at every stage of the work is essential for him and his colleagues. During guilloching, for example, the focused view through the RING LED magnifying lamp helps him.

Later, Maik Panziera coats the dials with modern materials or grand feu enamel. "I seal a dial with six to seven layers of transparent or coloured glass powder," he explains. This complex process often requires several attempts, because only flawlessly smooth dials make it into the kiln for sealing at 1000°C. This requires a lot of patience and the best vision. Just like skeletonising, the process that allows impressive glimpses of the open gear train inside the watches by removing material.

But assembly or quality control also require the highest precision. All these work steps take place under the light of the TANEO pendant luminaires and are partly supplemented by the TEVISIO magnifying luminaire.

The TANEO has proven itself in the watchmaking industry for its precise light and sets standards in the industry that Maik Panziera and his colleagues also value. "There are simply no disturbing reflections or shadows. The luminaire allows structures to be seen very well and presents colours in all their brilliance. These are the best conditions for our work under the highest precision."

The combination of traditional craftsmanship with the best modern lighting conditions guarantees the creation of exclusive timepieces that will continue to bear witness to their quality in the future. Because only under the best conditions can the best be created.


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