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B1_HALUX N50 Examination luminaire
B2_HALUX N50 With three color temperatures

Derungs Licht AG presents the new HALUX N examination light. The HALUX luminaire has enjoyed great popularity for more than 30 years and is still worldwide in use. The new generation of HALUX N combines modern design, durable LED technology, and versatility with a good price/performance ratio. To provide the user with the perfect luminaire, there is a choice of two versions with different arm systems and functions. This makes the HALUX N models useful in all possible medical fields: from general medicine to gynecology to veterinary practice.

The Swiss luminaire manufacturer Derungs Licht AG is introducing the new HALUX N examination light. It meets the worldwide need for a high-quality luminaire at a fair price. The simple proven design of the previous model has been modernized and matches today's design trends. Thus, the popular luminaire is still easy to recognize. Equipped with long-life LED technology and premium components, it ushers in a new era for the renowned HALUX examination light.

A luminaire for everyone

The HALUX comes in a high-performance premium version, HALUX N50, and the versatile HALUX N30 version. There is also a choice of various arm systems, dimming levels and light packages. Depending on the version, the luminaire is operated using a keypad on the luminaire head or a rocker switch on the arm system. Mounting is very versatile: from a wall rail system, table clamp, universal fastener, wall bracket, pipe clamp, to an extension arm or roller stand, the limits are endless. 

HALUX N50 — Top equipment at a great price

The HALUX N50 is the perfect luminaire for everyone who wishes good light performance or changeable color temperature. The HALUX N50 has a large 18 cm light field diameter and illumination intensity up to 50,000 lux at 0.5m for optimal examination conditions. The neutral white light makes the diagnosis more precise with 4400 Kelvin and high color rendering index Ra=93. The illumination intensity can be dimmed in five steps. For more comfort, the HALUX N is also available with adjustable color temperature between 3300, 3800 and 4400 Kelvin. The HALUX N50's arm system leaves nothing else to ask for: As needed, the luminaire can come with a robust gooseneck or a spring-balanced arm that holds reliably its position.

HALUX N30 — The versatile basic version

The HALUX N30 is good for anyone who is on a budget but doesn't want to give up quality. The light field has a 18 cm diameter and illumination intensity up to 30,000 lux at 0.5m, perfect for varying everyday needs. The color rendering index of Ra=90 and the continuous dimming function provide high visual comfort. With a color temperature of 4400 Kelvin, the HALUX N30 sheds excellent light on the surface being examined. The N30's arm system options are also versatile: flex arm with or without a ankle joint and a spring-balanced arm combinable with different accessories. Nothing gets in the way of versatile usability.

Easy to clean

Whichever version you choose, both versions of the luminaire are easy to clean, thanks to their closed design. With the new HALUX luminaire family, there is no unintended penetration of cleaning products or hard-to-clean corners or edges.