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Whether open-plan office, cafeteria or home office: We spend most of the day indoors. Interior designers design the living areas with great attention to de-tail. Lighting that takes natural light requirements into account plays a major role here. For this reason, Waldmann developed the new Vivaa 2.0 pendant light. It combines perfected lighting effects and circadian light with puristic design.

Under the motto “Inspired by nature”, the lighting experts developed a room lamp that is supposed to support the well-being of its users. This is ensured by the high indirect component, excellent color rendering, optimal glare control and various light colors. It is intended for use above workplaces, in office lounges and common rooms.

Optional circadian lighting

The new pendant luminaire takes into account the biological effect of light on our wellbeing. The Visual Timing Light (short: VTL) light management system simulates the natural course of daylight by varying the color temperature and the illuminance of the light between 2700K and 6500 Kelvin. The activating light in the morning and at noon stimulates the release of the performance hormone cortisol and the happiness hormone serotonin. At the same time, the production of the sleep hormone melato-nin is suppressed. This is how the body adjusts to daytime operation. During the course of the day, melatonin production increases again and thus supports the natu-ral sleep-wake cycle. The warm light supports this in a natural way.

High indirect component

The sky is wide and bright. That is why the lighting should also let the room shine. The particularly high indirect component of the Vivaa 2.0 uses the ceiling and upper wall areas as a reflective surface for the light. Even low rooms or rooms with little natural light appear larger and more inviting. Depending on the area of application, the Vivaa 2.0 is equipped with warm white 300 Kelvin or daylight white 4000 Kelvin.

Outstanding quality of light

Light sources may be bright but under no circumstances may they dazzle. To pre-vent this, Waldmann uses a special micro-prism cover that optimally glares the direct light. The homogeneous light is easy on the eyes and ensures a natural sense of sight with very good color rendering properties. With up to 120 lumens per watt, the Vivaa 2.0 is also an economical lighting solution.

Screen-compatible direct light

The 28 mm slim decorative ring hides modern edge light. The direct light is even more homogeneous and can be used at workplaces and in meeting rooms. All Vivaa 2.0 lights are suitable for screens in accordance with EN 12464-1 and thus offer op-timal visual comfort.

Puristic but versatile

The new room lights are available with a diameter of 450 and 600 cm. The high-quality housing is presented in a confident white. Another highlight is the textile ca-ble, which is available in self-confident red or subtle white. Depending on the height of the room and the desired design, the cable suspension can be adjusted between fifty and two hundred centimeters. In addition, various lampshades ensure cozy charm. A mounting space for the optional Casambi module is provided in the canopy. This means that the luminaire can also be retrofitted.