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The light of precision

TEVISIO magnifier luminaire supports sensitive treatment of historical treasures

Cultural treasures, relics of the past, testimonies of humanity: it is precisely these special features that Emma Nichols surrounds herself with every day. She is part of the 14-member team in the Conservation and Collection Care Department at Cambridge University Library. Working with such precious pieces requires great expertise, patience, sensitivity and optimal lighting and viewing conditions. Emma explains in an interview why the TEVISIO magnifying lamp is particularly helpful.

What do you and your colleagues do and why is good lighting so important for your work? What does our magnifying luminaire help you with?

We specialise in caring for the Library’s world-class Special Collections, which includes conservation treatment of a wide range of material including manuscripts, early printed books, photographs, art on paper, papyrus, parchment and archives.

Our work requires us to carefully assess, document and conduct sympathetic treatments that both preserve the historical integrity of an object and stabilise it for continued access. Good lighting and magnification are essential for us to undertake this.

What do you particularly appreciate about the luminaire?

We really like that the luminaire is safely and easily adjustable and can be put in many different positions without risk of it moving or falling onto the precious items we work with. It is great how it can be easily positioned above, or to the side to create raking light. The long arm is great and we like how it can be folded up neatly when not in use and stored to the side of our working area without taking up too much space.

Why did you made the choice to buy a Waldmann luminaire instead of an other one?

We bought our Waldmann luminaires as they offered the best specification for our needs at the time; a cold-light source, visualiser, additional lens and wall or desk mounting.


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