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LINURA.edge RGB has a signal effect

Always have an eye on processes with an elegant LED signal light by Waldmann


Villingen-Schwenningen, September 2020: The slender LINURA.edge RGB by Waldmann signals uniform and colour warning and status messages on machines, systems or manual workplaces over its entire area.

The machine or process status is always in the operator's or assembly staff's eye, which reduces downtimes to a minimum. The RGB luminaire is available in four different lengths ranging from 195 mm to 615 mm, and can also be used for design effects. It has digital inputs for powerless switching and can be operated in a line with white LINURA.edge luminaires. The dimming level of the white light and the colour of the RGB luminaire can then be controlled by a single supply line. LINURA.edge RGB luminaires are easy to install, energy-efficient, durable (IP54) and maintenance-free.