The New Work luminaire

Stehleuchte YARA presse

Office worlds must constantly adapt to changing needs, and the furnishings must meet the various individual user requirements. Waldmann has developed the smart floor lamp YARA precisely for this purpose.

The configurable office luminaire in white, black or silver provides optimum light, is controlled according to presence and daylight and offers the best possible light quality with the option for biodynamic light (VTL). Luminous flux and light color can be reconfigured at any time. This is unique. The luminaire, which was developed according to cradle to cradle principles, can be selected with one luminaire head or as a T, U and H variant to meet individual requirements.
People and their needs are the absolute focus of YARA. That is why YARA in the version with the LTX multi-sensor technology indicates free workplaces, reminds you to ventilate, keeps an eye on the room temperature and signals when it is too noisy.
YARA can be operated via an app and works with LTX as the basis for a smart office solution. In this way, YARA makes workplaces bookable and at the same time reveals potential for optimizing space: for an office environment that makes you feel good.