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Experience pleasure and quality in all dimensions

Waldmann illuminates office world in the multifunctional "Seeberger Genusswelt" building

At Seeberger, all signs point to enjoyment and quality. What applies to nuts, dried fruit and coffee applies all the more to the company's own employees in the newly constructed building at the company location in Ulm.

Light-flooded office floors with free-standing luminaires

Open and closed zones for communicative or concentrated work alternate in the Seeberger office world on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the new multifunctional building in Ulm. The spacious office world is designed with as many variations as the daily work routine of the company's employees requires. All workstations are arranged in groups along the window front and equipped with LAVIGO free-standing luminaires from Waldmann with direct-indirect lighting. The integrated daylight and presence sensors automatically control the lighting according to the actual light requirements and contribute to the well-being factor of the employees.

"Well-being is closely linked to the lighting conditions. That's why we chose large-scale window fronts and high-quality lighting for the workplaces."

 Joachim Mann, company spokesman Seeberger

Warm working atmosphere and flexible use

The working environment should be flexible and communicative. That's why the large tables in the company restaurant also invite people to exchange ideas. Lounge areas offer space for smaller groups. The area is used for communication and can be used by employees outside lunch times.

In the centre of the administrative area is a functional core with further classic mee-ting and focus rooms. The colourfulness of the ceramic façade, which combines shades of green, anthracite, dark red and brown, also flows into the office environ-ment. Fresh and earthy shades of green, warm browns and tactile materials such as wood, felt and stone have a pleasantly cosy and warm effect. The Waldmann and recessed and surface-mounted luminaires create pleasant ambient lighting in these circulation zones, corridors and adjacent office areas.

Brand can be experienced in every detail

The new building brings together all areas of the Seeberger world on five levels: From the world of enjoyment with a customer centre and café, to the company restaurant on the first floor, a spacious administration area on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and the 4th floor, where the technology is located. The building should not only architecturally reflect the values of the company, but at the same time make the change of the brand tangible. Quality, sustainability, responsibility and high social standards stand for the Seeberger brand. And this has been the case for more than 175 years, during which the family-owned company has developed from a colonial honey shop into a market leader for dried fruits, nuts and coffee.

"The Cradle to Cradle certified free standing-luminaires and the values associated with them fit perfectly into our office world."

Verena Schädler, Sustainability Officer at Seeberger

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